Bonita Springs, Florida

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Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description

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Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description
1. Anthony's 239-947-2202
2. Hooters (Fort Myers Beach) 239-463-6033
2. Hooters (Port Charlotte) 239-625-0200
2. Hooters (Cape Coral) 239-945-4700
2. Hooters (Fort Myers) 239-275-4666
3. Outback Steakhouse 239-948-3575
4. The Melting Pot 239-481-1717
5. Thai Orchid Cafe 239-992-9825
6. Miromar Lakes 239-482-7644
7. Hyatt 239-444-1234
8. Perkin's 239-498-0300
9. I-Hop (Naples) 239-643-0058
9. I-Hop (Bonita Springs) 239-949-4340
9. I-Hop (Fort Myers) 239-274-0922
10. Bonefish Grill 239-390-9208
11. Bennigan's 239-949-4000
12. Loggerheads 239-463-4644
13. Mangia 239-949-2204
14. The Fish House 239-495-5770
15. Rib City 239-949-4882
16. Dusseldorf's 239-463-5251
17. Duval Street 239-949-8513
18. Quizno's 239-992-0728
19. Traders 239-949-0202
20. Veranda 239-332-2065
Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description
Bonita Springs City Hall 390-1000
Chamber of Commerce 992-2943
Clerk of the Court 335-2283
Comcast Cable Co. 432-9277
Driver Licenses 278-7194
Electric Company (F.P.L.) 262-1322
Fire Department (non-emergency) 992-3320
Greyhound 495-3639
Hospital 949-1050
Lee County Parks Systems 461-7400
Lee County Public Schools 334-1102
Lee County Transit (Lee-Tran) 277-5012
Library 992-0101
Marriage Licenses 335-2283
Naples Municipal Airport 643-0404
Poison Control 800-282-3171
Registrations (Boat & Auto) 339-6000
Sheriff (non-emergency) 447-1846
Social Security Office 800-772-1213
Sprint (Local Phone Service) 800-339-1811
SW Florida International Airport 768-1000
Tax Collector 339-6000
U.S. Postal Service 800-275-8777
Waste Disposal 338-3302
Water Company (Bonita Springs) 992-0711
Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description
omfortably located just North of Marco Island, nestled safely between Naples and Fort Myers, the community of Bonita Springs is a must stop on any visit to Southwest Florida. Known as the Gateway to the Gulf, this small beach town has all the amenities of a big city but with the charm and atmosphere of an Old Florida town. Home to the gorgeous Lovers Key, one of the nation's most famous beaches and the most visited park in Florida. Right next door lies the 342 acre Barefoot Beach Reserve, renowned for its warm waters and soft sand.
oating, jetskiing, parasailing and all manners of family fun can be found here in abundance. You can cast a line in any of our fresh water lakes, canals or waterways or head out into the Gulf and tackle the monsters of the deep. If Golf is your thing grab your putter and swing away at any of our pristine golf courses. And if you're looking for some culture you came to the right place. Pay a visit to the Rugulus Art Gallery known for its modern art with a latin twist, truely a unique experience. The Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall is home to live plays, comedians and concerts year-round.
o whether you're planning a family vacation or just looking to get away for the weekend, if you are making a visit to Southwest Florida, be sure to make a stop in Bonita Springs. Home to some of the best beaches in the Country but without the long lines and traffic of a big city. Boating, fishing, golf, and fine arts, its all here. Enjoy!

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