Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description

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Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description
1. Pappa Mondo 239-765-9660
2. Estero Island Parasail Inc. (North) 239-765-4386
2. Estero Island Parasail Inc. (Times Square) 239-463-6778
2. Estero Island Parasail Inc. (Sandpiper) 239-765-0965
2. Estero Island Parasail Inc. (Holiday Inn Beachfront) 239-707-2901
3. Perky's Pizza 239-463-7275
4. Subway 239-463-1993
5. Beachview Golf & Tennis Club (Golf) 239-472-2626
5. Beachview Golf & Tennis Club (Tennis) 239-472-9099
6. Pizza Hut (11498 S Cleveland Ave) 239-936-4871
6. Pizza Hut (4891 Palm Beach Blvd) 239-693-1846
6. Pizza Hut (16521 S Tamiami Trl) 239-489-1577
6. Pizza Hut (13190 N Cleveland Ave) 239-997-5151
6. Pizza Hut (15501 McGregor Blvd) 239-482-7030
6. Pizza Hut (3706 S Cleveland Ave) 239-936-8333
6. Pizza Hut (12377 S Cleveland Ave) 239-275-5666
6. Pizza Hut (250 San Carlos Blvd) 239-463-0838
7. Smokin Oyster Bar 239-463-3474
8. Beach Shell Inn 239-463-9193
9. X-press to Key West 239-765-0808
10. Holiday Water Sports (Pink Shell) 239-765-4386
10. Holiday Water Sports (Best Western) 239-543-4778
11. Miss Renee Charters 239-267-6884
12. Beached Whale 239-463-5505
13. Beach Theater 239-765-9000
14. Best Western (Reservations) 800-336-4045
14. Best Western (Direct Line) 239-463-6000
15. Charley's Boat House Grill 239-765-4700
16. Fish Monger 239-765-5544
17. Veranda 239-332-2065
18. The Beach Club 239-872-7245
19. Snug Harbor (Chillers) 239-463-4343
19. Snug Harbor (The Bridge) 239-765-0050
20. Mantazna's Inn (Mataznas Inn) 239-463-3838
20. Mantazna's Inn (Dockside Sports Pub) 239-463-4631
20. Mantazna's Inn (The Beach Pier Restaurant) 239-765-7800
21. Estero Beach Resorts 800-569-4876
22. Tropical Beach Grill 239-454-0319
23. Beach Bowl 239-466-3303
24. Everglades Day Safari 239-472-1559
25. Channel Mark 239-463-9127
26. Cracker Box 239-466-4344
27. Melting Pot 239-481-1717
28. Dusseldorf's 239-463-5251
29. Parrot Key Caribbean 239-463-3257
30. Sea Key West Express 888-259-5800
31. Fort Myers Beach Pool 239-463-5759
32. Deebolds Marina 239-466-3525
33. Sun Tan Village 239-463-5083
34. Tetley's 239-463-1686
35. Rib City 239-454-0545
Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description
Beach Fire Department 239-463-6163
Beach Medical Clinic 239-765-0007
Chamber of Commerce 239-454-7500
Driver's Licenses 239-278-7194
Elections Office 239-458-7020
Emergency 911
Estero Island Medical Center 239-465-5741
Fishing Licenses 239-339-6000
Fort Myers Beach Pool 239-463-5759
Fort Myers Beach Town Hall 239-765-0202
Greyhound 239-334-1011
Lee County Parks System 239-461-7400
Lee County Public School 239-334-1102
Lee County Sheriff's Office 239-477-1830
Lee County Transit (LeeTran) 239-244-5012
Lee Memorial Health System 239-332-1111
Library 239-765-8162
Marriage Licenses 239-335-2273
Registrations (Car or Boat) 239-339-6000
Social Security Office 800-772-1213
Southwest Florida International Airport 239-768-1000
Trolley Rides 239-275-8726
US Postal Service 800-275-8777
Water Company (off island) 239-479-8700
Water Company (on island) 239-463-9953
Restaurants  ·  Map  ·  Ad Index  ·  Important Numbers  ·  Description
ome visit the tropical island gateway that is Fort Myers Beach. Experience an atmosphere that is a little quietier, a little less hurried, and a lot less like the rest of the world. Known for being well-equiped but laid back, this small town beach has all the amenities of a larger beach, but without the crowds. Beach volley ball, great shopping, deep sea fishing, wave runners, and delicious cuisine, theres a bit of something to satisfy anyone and everyone. Or you can just lie out on the pristine white sand and soak up some sun on the one of the safest beaches on the east coast.
iversity is the most recurring theme on this small stretch of white sand. From the freshest of Florida's seafood, most caught the same day, to thai and mexican flavors, theres something here to satisfy the most exotic of tastes. Take a stroll in times square for great shopping. When your done their, cast a line off of the fishing pier if wrangling some sea-monsters is your idea of fun. Rent a charter and take a short trip into the Gulf for some of the best grouper fishing in the world, the gulf in this area is famous for pulling large grouper the size of small cars. Grab a few waverunners for the family and hit the surf for some high speed excitement.
o whether you are trying to plan your next family vacation, or just trying to get away for the weekend, and looking for something simple. With its off-tempo attitude and low population, Fort Myers Beach just might be what you are looking for. Offering a variety of great places to dine, fish and shop, this is the perfect place to just sit back and relax.

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